A New Smartwatch, A Story

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Smart watches, remember those? I certainly do but it’s been a while since I’ve updated my watch or at least changed it through the last few years. I started at the Smartwatch revolution with the Pebble. The original Pebble as illustrated here and at the time it was state of the art and I believe that a lot of the competition scrambled for their lives to make Smartwatches and now, in 2018, I said goodbye to Pebble…but not without memories attached to it.

The original Pebble colors

What did these Smartwatches do?

Things you could do

Get notifications from the messaging app and etc; on your phone

Text and respond lightly to said notifications

and so much more…

After a period of time, Pebble transformed and other iterations were born. Pebble Steel and then Pebble Time, which I had and so did my husband and they served us well until this year when the service ended thanks to the buyout from Fitbit.

Pebble Time
Finally my new advanced Smartwatch the Quartz ZTE from my American phone carrier: Tmobile was bought in the process to replace the Pebble, which had proven helpful to him since he works at Bank of America and he’s often on the phone and thus cannot answer but he gets notifications whenever I text or call him on his watch and he loved that, so with Pebble gone…

Had to find a nice new replacement:

The Quartz ZTE

Unlike the Pebble, it can do so much more because it’s supported and is quite alive for this I am grateful.

It was really cheap since we got it on an app where people sell stuff: Offerup.


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